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[Bagbean] Ame's Reference - Unapproved. by Rain-ette [Bagbean] Ame's Reference - Unapproved. by Rain-ette
Name: Amechi
NN: Ame (Can also be called Me)

Type: Uncommon - Item Bagbean

Gender: Female - She/Her pronouns

Personality: Sweet, loving, lovable. She finds its hard to make friends but really wants to reach out and be outgoing. She adores Kiki, her friend owned by @/PillowRabbit, she feels Kiki is filling the hole in her heart where her mother used to be. She is timid but slowly that timid nature is fading away thanks to kiki. Inca - also owned by Rabbit, is Ame's close friend as well. She feels she can trust Inca no matter what! She does love Donuts and candy - often dumpster diving with Inca for food - which food and candy will get stuck in her hair (or she'll purposely lick candy and put it into her hair but when it gets too stuck she'll have Kiki comb it out and fix her hair OTL).

-- More to be added! --

Waiting for thursday to happen so I can grab my dye bean //I'm dying so hard.

I wanted Ame to look a little tougher and be tougher. So not only did I develop a story for her:
[Bagbean] Ame's BeginningI dream you’re still here…
“Mama!” The little bean ran up to her mother. The elder bean who picked her from the sprouting sat on a little wooden chair, smiling as the pale white and brown bean ran to her. She was so excited about something, jumping up and down.
“Calm down Me.” Her own nickname for Ame. “What is it child?” She smiled but her body shook. Her head facing Ame and her eyes looking nearly through her. She could feel it was getting late for her..
“Mama! You promised we’d go pick some flowers today! It’s such a pretty day!” Amechi jumped around, her black hair shinning as she twirled. She was so young, awfully young – the elder would think.
“I will try Ame.” She simply said but this caused a downpour of sadness across Ame’s face. The cheeriness leaving and despair arising – extremely disappointed. “Why Mama? You said you were feeling up to it.” The short bea
 But this is her new redesign!<33
I really love doing reference sheets, I'm dying to do a back side but I didn't do one for mine since they really don't need them!

Commissions are open for these so please note me!<3

MiniDragonfly Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
She has a cute design.  I'm happy that she's slowing having more and more friends.  
I find it funny that she would enjoying dumpster diving with Inca.  I didn't think she would do stuff like that. 
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June 26, 2017
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