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[DTA Lead Bagbean] Film Noir by Rain-ette [DTA Lead Bagbean] Film Noir by Rain-ette
While the sun shined brightly outside, all I did was sit at this desk I called home. The dingy apartment, the peeling wallpaper- all were just part of home. I sat here in the dark, the only light source would come from a single lit candle I had in the room. It was a day unlike any other. While I searched the newspapers - I could sense it before she even arrived. The warm feeling overtook my body, I didn't feel worried as I saw the door to my hidden room open. She stood there. Alone. I looked up from the newspaper. The headlines were covered in it- the Bag Caper, the Bag Thief...all these words to describe one brave bean who decided to steal bags from precious folk. According to the paper - they would steal the bag and leave it with a replica - something that took lot of time and craft the perfect recreation of their bag- but it was empty. They would steal the bags - most likely for what was inside of them. What was this bean thief looking for? Beans? Money? Potions? What..? I looked up from the paper - staring her in the eyes...the most unforgiving bean stood in my door way. She smelled like baked goods-and the look in her eyes told me she knew something.
"I found another one." She spoke softly, a small grin across her face. "Hurry. I want this bag now." She tossed me a folded picture and shut the door behind her. I sighed for a second and opened it - it revealed a picture of a bean. Long hair, female, black shirt... The bag was square in shape but sticking out of it was a few potions. I sighed, laying the picture on my desk. I got up and pushed my chair against the wall and grabbed a plain bag that was hanging against it - too high for anyone window height to see. Yes I saw him looking, but I didn't care. You can't charge someone who makes bags. I walked over to the window, pushing the shades down before heading to my desk. I began to work on the bag carefully - tracing every stitch, making sure every thing seen on that bag was on this one... It took hours but soon it was ready. I sat up, holding the bag by my side and walked over to my jacket. I threw my jacket on me and headed out. I may be a detective...but I can't help the urge to steal. It's fun...exciting...because, thanks to Vani, I never get caught.

So the plot to this picture- besides being Film Noir style, Lead is a detective bean. However, he is the kind of detective you may call if you need help but he's only going to scope you out. He steals bags from unsuspecting beans then is called to go and find them. He will make other beans suspects - even taking a bag he stole and plant it somewhere. He stole a bag from Heidi and placed it in Benny's bakery when Benny was out delivering birthday cakes. He then called the bean cops - saying he 'sensed' the bag was here... Only for Benny to be arrested. (OTL sorry benny this is noncanon don't worry)
But will Lead ever be caught?
Who knows?

:iconbagbeans: This is the bean I drew for -  #1007 Geo BB - Lead -DTA- by Sindonic

Hope you guys like! Wish me luck<333 I'm very happy with how it came out!
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PillowRabbit Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Look at this troublemaker >:0 I adore the detail put into the background! And the idea behind it hoho, love the reference to those black and white detective films
QviCreations Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018


Thank you for including Benny :,D
Haccoon Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

This look so good Rain o mg +v+ GOOD LUCK!! 
PangoBeans Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
ohhhoho what an awesome idea
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